24 March 2009

Short, ephemeral mind

Saturday 21st March 2009

Day 1 of Writing, Walking, Yoga and Meditation:

Writing: I'm doing it now.
Walking: no work today but I took the dog for a walk.
Yoga: Cancelled yoga practice with Kosta due to a sleepless night.
Meditation: Didn't sit at all.

No problem - I have 20 more days until Easter to redeem myself.

Retreat: I'm having fun dreaming up a retreat schedule for Easter...

"People underestimate the depth of change that is required to transform oneself in spiritual life. True liberation requires a great perspective - called 'long enduring mind' by one Zen master. Yes, awakening comes in a moment, but living it, stabilising it, can take months, years and lifetimes. The propensities or conditioned habits that we have are so deeply ingrained that even enormously compelling visions do not change them very much."
- Jack Kornfield

so true....

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