11 March 2011

Wednesday yoga class

Wednesday night yoga class – another quiet one - it must be pranayama week again.
But where’s the pranayama?

We started with Ado Mukha Virasana and Dog Pose.
Then straight into Headstand, 5 minutes or so in the full pose before doing the Baddha Konasana variation.
Seated Virasana and a long stay in Dandasana while Darrin articulated some of the finer physical points of the pose.
Halasana (Plough pose) and Shoulderstand.

In Halasana, we started with extended arms, hands apart and palms facing upwards. Darrin came over and corrected my overextending arms, my elbow joints were arched above the floor. He made me press the back of my upper arms and my elbows into the floor which lifted my hands off the floor. I immediately had to use different shoulder muscles to maintain this which was a new sensation.
Darrin gathered the class around me to show them the difference in how the upper arms and shoulders work when the arms are not overextended, so not only did I get to be the yoga model demonstrating bad Halasana arms, I got to stay extra time in the pose instead of standing around looking at someone else.
We then did the Baddha Konasana variation in Shoulderstand before curling over into Karna Pindasana.
Pose time finished with a gentle cross legged forward bend (head resting on a bolster) then a passive Setu Bandha chest opener, laying over the bolster with legs extended and rolled up blankets tucked in alongside our legs.
After this we sat cross legged with Jalandhara Bandha in place and just breathed, no real pranayama technique, just lots of reminders to raise the sternum.
I'm not sure what the exercise was all about...
Oh well....

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