17 January 2012

Caught up again

My camping trip is a cherished but distant memory...I've been back at work for nearly two weeks and it's hell busy.

I'm spending 8 hours a day imprisoned inside a computer screen, organising timetables, workshops, events, lecturers and classes, problem solving crises, resolving complaints, entering data into complex systems and reporting endless enrolment statistics to government departments.

My mind is kidnapped, brainwashed, and forced to deal with all this for the greater part of each day. No time to come up for air.

Meanwhile, the spirit voice that calls me to the contemplative, mystical life is growing fainter and fainter; vitality, nobility and wonder are seeping out of me again, and I feel a numbing over of my soul's yearning.

Deep down we long for a time when we can once again live in rhythm with the heartbeat of the Earth, and fly upon the uplifting wind of our spirits.

Out in the bush, Cooper Creek and Parachilna Gorge, primordial energy infuses my soul. Surrounded by trees, birds, wind, raw elements, I'm able to breathe long and deep, and relax into the pure joy that is my wild and natural state.

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