11 August 2015

Coming back

Four yoga practises in one week, all so different.

Last Tuesday, an evening Ashtanga Primary practice, 90 minutes, with full vinyasas.

Last Friday, another evening practice though a more difficult one.  Started with a backbend over a block, then did some seated poses, Shoulderstand, some Supta poses, a surprisingly therapeutic Hanumanasana, and a couple of backbends - only 30 minutes.

Yesterday morning, Ashtanga Sun Salutes and standing poses, handstands, backbends, Janu Sirsasana, then the full Ashtanga finishing sequence of inversions from Shoulderstand through to Uth Pluthi.

This evening, a sequence from Light on Yoga starting with 6 minutes in both Headstand and Shoulderstand, progressing through Jatara, the two Navasanas, seated forward bends and twists, Padmasana poses, gentle backbends, Savasana and some pranayama.
Somewhere in the middle I submerged into a 5 minute Paschimottanasana.

It feels so good to be back…

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