3 August 2007

Friday 3rd August 2007

I'm back from the never-never (camping out bush), now settling into my new house and planning a comeback to daily yoga practice.

With so much swimming around in my head there's a lot to write about but just not enough time at the moment, so instead I'm going to post this photo of my gorgeous daughter Ebony.
And she's as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside.


Yogamum said...

She looks like a movie star!

If she's as gorgeous on the inside, as you say, then -- Wow!

nobodhi said...

Yeah, Ebony's pretty special, good natured, warm and loving, generous to a fault, superintelligent, she's got a wicked, dry sense of humour but never says a bad thing about anyone, and she's a full time, very devoted mum.
She emailed me the photo to show off her new haircut.
(Can you tell I'm a very proud mum :)

gartenfische said...

Oh, she's so beautiful. And you can see from the photo she's beautiful inside, too. No wonder you're a proud mum! :)