6 August 2007

Some scenes from my trip to the Flinders Ranges

Monday 6th August

Sharath’s DVD could be on its way

eBay – to me the name sounds like a futuristic alternative universe, like something out of that old cartoon series ‘The Jetsons’.
Oh, hang on a minute…I think we are in the future.
Not only am I way behind the times, I like it back here. I stubbornly refuse to participate in consumerism or do anything that might align me with the rat race mentality that perpetuates third world poverty and global warming.

My global and environmental footprints have decreased to the size of a sparrow’s.

I try to buy only what I desperately need and even then I question whether I REALLY need it. More often than not, I decide that I don’t.
So naturally (what a nice word) eBay is a site I never have, and never will visit. The thought of it horrifies me.
‘Like mother, like daughter?’ – not likely in my daughter’s case. Ebony often skims eBay for bargains, but I understand why…she is still young and setting up house - me, I'm way over all that.
Anyway she called me on the weekend after finding Sharath’s Primary series DVD on eBay. That sweet girl joined the bidding and got it for me.
Does it matter that I don’t have a TV or DVD player? Seems not. My son has spent years building an entire sound studio in his (my old) house and he assures me he can make a CD out of the DVD.
How very exciting to think I could be practising hi-speed Ashtanga with no frills, no pauses, no excuses soon. Just take off and fly over the moon with Sharath.
Anticipating the need to prepare for this, I’ve decided to go to an Ashtanga class this Wednesday night which is pure sweat with no spirit – just good fun.

Dear Gartenfische nominated me for the meme award, so for what it’s worth, here’s my humble and boring acceptance speech:

Four jobs I’ve had
1. Academic Administrator in Art School (now)
2. Art Gallery assistant (weekends)
3. Barperson/waitress
4. Mum

Four (five) movies I can watch over and over
1. American Beauty
2. Ghost (Whoopi Goldberg)
3. Run Lola Run (German film)
4. The Boy Who Could Fly
5. What the Bleep Do We know

Four places I’ve lived
1. Adelaide is the only place I’ve ever lived. The beautiful white beaches are 15 minutes west of the city centre and the mountains envelope us 10 minutes east. There’s lots of space, and lots of trees so why would I want to live anywhere else?

Four TV shows I loved
1. Prison Break
Now let me explain: TV is an insidious form of brainwashing and I don’t ever watch it, ever, but oh dear, last year my daughter got me addicted to Prison Break because she had all the episodes on DVD and we had several girl’s nights watching them like a movie marathon for 7 hours straight.
2. Kung Fu
When I was 14 years old, I watched Kung Fu with David Carardine and it changed my life – from that moment I began studying Buddhist and Taoist literature, the spiritual spark was ignited.

Four books that have had an impact on me (I made this category up and there’s more than four books so I’ve cheated and listed them under four sub-categories)
1. Christian Mysticism:
- Dark Night of the Soul by Gerald G May MD
- The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Eric Schiffmann
- Light on Yoga by Iyengar
- Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (various translations)
3. Buddhism:
- Breath by Breath by Larry Rosenberg
4. Spirituality and Psychology:
- The Psychology of Romantic Love by Dr Robert A Johnson
- The Pearl Beyond Price by A H Almaas (my current reading fascination)

Four places I’ve vacationed
1. Flinders Ranges (recently)
2. Byron Bay (2005)
3. Sydney (2004)
4. Did Europe in 1981 (Yugoslavia, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and back to Yugoslavia)

Four favourite dishes
1. Vegetable curry and dhal
2. Big bowls of Salad
3. Spanakopita
4. Chilli anything

Four sites I visit daily
1. my worksite
2. my homesite
3. my shoppingsite
4. my yogasite (almost daily for the yogasite now).
If only I had time to indulge in surfing the internet on a daily basis – occasionally I check out the ashtanga blogs listed on the left.

Four places I’d rather be
1. Camping far, far away from civilisation
2. Bushwalking at Horsenell Gully
3. On a meditation retreat
4. Home


gartenfische said...

Beautiful pictures! I bet it was a wonderful trip.

Thanks for playing the meme game. A little silly, but what the heck. I love Run Lola Run, too. I sometimes get the Prisoner videos from the library. They are strangely addicting.

And I really, really like Gerald May's Dark Night of the Soul (I actually own it!). And I love Evelyn Underhill, too.

I haven't read Rosenberg, Almaas or that particular Robert Johnson book (I have one of his books about dreams and I'd like to read the one about owning your shadow). Since we seem to have such similar tastes in these areas, I'll have to check out those other books.

Hope the you find the DVD (eventually CD) to be useful.

nobodhi said...

Hope you find those other books useful. I've since gone on to study much further in all those areas but the books listed were the ones that initially ignited my interest.
The work of A H Almaas is fascinating. He delves into how the mind works from the perspective of western psychology but expands it into spiritual realms with his great insight into the Sufi and Christian mystical traditions. He talks a lot about developing our Personal Essence (which I translate as the pure expression of our divine source).
Nice to connect with you : )

gartenfische said...

Great to connect with you, too! :)

Thanks for the book info. I'm especially interested in checking out Almaas. I'll see if my library has something of his.