4 November 2010

Wandering Angus

There’s not much to say about yoga practice in this post except that its been spasmodic over the last three weeks: a few short early morning practices (usually sun salutes, standing poses and some backbends) and I think I may have done two evening practices in that time – both of them half the week 26-30 Iyengar sequence.

So I shall digress from my comfortable routine of posting about yoga practice, and write a more personal entry because my life has been suddenly turned upside down.

For the past three weeks I’ve been sharing my very private home space with the person who sent me the poem.
He sent me the poem…the recognition of lifetimes spent together was instant…so he moved in.
It feels timeless and eternal, as if we've always known each other, as if we've been waiting.
He is there every day and every night now and the heady perfume of our romance fills every room.

I may be in love…I may be in shock.

How did this happen so quickly.

My carefully guarded solitude and my beloved yoga practice have been temporarily replaced with long evenings together in front of a computer, as I help him to catch up on a backlog of overdue art theory assignments - a sacrificial labour of love.
My simple green salad dinners have been replaced with gourmet vegetarian meals prepared for two.
His laundry hangs across my verandah.
Hauntingly sweet sounds from his guitar fill the quiet corners of my house late at night.
There is candle light, and smiles, and little notes left on the table signed with kisses.
I love you seems to flow from our lips like honey.
Sometimes I have to escape - I walk the dog alone to get some space and perspective on all of this.

When this intoxicating new situation settles down into a more grounded relationship, we’ll be able to re-establish our priorities and practices, and see clearly again, but for now the Divine is sweeping wildly through us both.

And that’s all I’m saying

Next post will hopefully be about yoga…

Smack bang in middle of ending my previous relationship and falling headlong into this one, I took a few days off work, packed the car, gathered up my son, daughter and granddaughter and whisked them away for our very first bush holiday together. I’d dreamed and wished and prayed for years for this little getaway and finally, all of our personal circumstances made it possible.

I cannot possibly convey the significance of the three days I spent in the bush with them.
And the love I feel for them now...

The four of us climbed Mount Remarkable together, almost to the top. It rained on and off. We took turns piggy-backing Lily when she sulkily refused to take another step up the mountain - it was Lily who sabotaged our valiant efforts to reach the peak.
Turning around for the downhill trek, we were all hungry, damp and a little disappointed, but invigorated by the climb, the mountain air and breathtaking views over the plains.
Trapped in suburban life we don’t realize how these surroundings restrict our gaze - wherever we look we are confronted with structures, walls, boxes and the hard straight lines of buildings - the few natural forms of trees and bushes in the cities are strangled and confined to neat rows and small park areas.

Rolling hills, open plains, the expanse of the ocean…they allow our eyes to longingly reach out over soft distances and rest in panoramic spaciousness. As our gaze filters into distance, that distance returns to fill out and expand our minds.

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