9 January 2011

Bridge Pose for Grief

Sunday morning, I woke, had coffee, walked the dog, did the dishes, then drove up to the foothills for a walk through the bush, but the strong winds on the ridgetop blew away my resiliance.

After two mintues of walking down the start of the track I turned around and headed back up to the car, tears starting to flow uncontrollably. The tidal wave of grief rose even higher when I got back home. An hour later the flood of emotion and tears had exhausted and drained me before the grief monster finally receded back into its source again.

Following a subtle impulse, I laid down on my mat in Bridge Pose with the block under my thoracic spine and lifted my pelvis up halfway. The relief I felt was instant and surprised me. I don't know how this pose works, but the pressure of the block edge across T4/T5 alleviated the strong out-of-contol emotions that had consumed me and instilled an instant calm. The area stimulated by the block in this pose is at the back of the heart, perhaps the pressure provides a physical and energetic support to a broken heart...just guessing...

Later on, in the warm evening, my one friend who has stayed alongside me during this tragic journey arrived, and on a whim we drove back up to the top of the track in the foothills. Feeling stronger now, and with a sensitive, silent friend for company, we flew together like ghostly spirits up and down the wild bushland tracks, energised and possessed by strange forces unknown....

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