20 January 2011

Sirsasana and Trikonasana

I move quietly through the first Sun Salute, my heart isn't in it, and neither is my mind or my body.
One is enough. If I were in a yoga class I'd just keep going, doing what was instructed, but here at home on my mat, I have no reason to push past the emotional resistance.

Dog Pose provides a comforting nest in which I settle for a while...the Ujiyya breath starts to come, I listen to it and watch the changing sensations through my body as I implement a few simple actions in the pose, attempting to penetrate the mental cloud.

My energy is as low as my mood. I could use my yoga practice to lift both of these... implement a stronger rhythmic breath, press open a few good backbends...but instead I opt for a simple Headstand. I stay for 50 breaths, 7 minutes.
After resting in Child's Pose I stand and stretch out into Trikonasana, initiating the side bend to the right by sliding the pelvic floor to the left. The pose evolves naturally from the inside out when the point of origin is deeply internal.

Sirsasana and Trikonasana - that is practice done for today.


Sarah said...

aligning, unfolding, finding what is and just being. all there is in what is.

seems a darn good practice for this day.

working hard at things is not always the way.

i am learning so much from my sprained ankle - an amazing teacher.

Samantha K said...

So, how did you feel at the end of your practice?

nobodhi said...

In the end its all one big practice, on and off the mat and every moment is our teacher.

Samantha, I can't remember now how I felt after that yoga practice, but your question has promted me to be more mindful and to take notice...thank you for that. :)