9 February 2011

A delicate moment

Tuesday evening, a delicate moment has arisen, I am seated in full Padmasana, halfway through the Light On Yoga week 26-30 sequence, arms extended upwards in Parvatasana - the love knot between my fingers unties and my hands, like dancing lovers, separate away from each other to float downwards in a moon like orbit around my aura, my palms looking up, slightly curled gliding backwards towards earth, holding safe the treasures of the universe in their soft pillows during descent. About halfway down my elbows naturally bend to land gently into my side waist, forearms anchor outwards, shoulder falling softly to wrist, wrist to curved fingertip is now hovering in space, just wide of my knee, and there I sit, perfectly placed in a delicate moment of stillness, safely centred in the deep eye of my lotus, fullness and emptiness sparkling in my palms.
Waiting, but not waiting
Receptive, but not passive
Still, but vibrantly alive
Silently poised inside two eternal, everlasting moments.

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Sarah said...

lotus floating on the pond of stillness