14 June 2011

Six months on

Today is Monday 13th June 2011.

Mark died exactly 6 months ago on 13th December 2010.

I light candles by his photograph - little flickering flames, symbolising the fire of our love and our passion, a fire that led to his untimely death.

ely death.

Perhaps we were moths drawn to the intoxicating flame of love. Realms of magic opened up when we were in each others' arms, we'd found an eternal love that catapulted us to the precipice of our earthly existence.

Today I go for a wild and windy walk up in the mountains and contemplate the last 6 months from a higher perspective. The cataclysm of events has passed and my emotions have settled.

I don't feel the physical presence of Mark's spirit any more, yet he comes fully alive in my heart when I deliberately initiate contact to connect with his soul.

Heart to heart, soul to soul, these connections are real and they transcend space and time.

Top image: Mark at my front windows December 2010.

Bottom image: My front windows (with a new table) June 2011

My life has entered a new cycle.

I have a new job.

I am reigniting special friendships, and sweeping away the debris of inauthenticity.

My yoga practice is rapidly moving me into a new paradigm where presence is paramount and love suffuses every movement.

I greet the early mornings with new eyes, with a mystical tenderness in my heart and a life affirming embrace that carries me into the day.

And I believe a budding new romance may be setting my smouldering heart on fire again.

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Krishna said...

Dear Friend
Look to the future . Use your Yoga practice to energize and foucs yourself .Life has many dimensions to be lived and experienced and kindly do not confine life to only one dimension .
Plan a travel to some good yoga retreats to refresh and recharge urself .
Have u visited India ? Why not plan a visit to Rishikesh , in North India ,which is the land of Ganges river and the land of Yoga ?If you need any help regarding planning a trip to Rishikesh , I can help you in that .
Enjoy your your practice and enjoy your life .