28 June 2011

Raw Food

My interest in, and consumption of raw food has sky rocketed over the last two weeks.

It probably started when I went to Simi and Kosta's place for dinner about a month ago. They had just bought a dehydrator and were drying out flax seed crackers. I got to taste a couple from the previous batch and they were delicious. Simi had also made little truffles from dried fruit, nuts and tahini - equally delicious.

I googled flax seed crackers last week and made my own batch in a very low oven (I don't have a dehydrator). At the same time I remembered a delicious raw dip recipe, the base is brazil nuts, sunflower and pepitas with fresh coriander and flax seed oil, garlic, lemon and some other ingredients.

So I've been munching out on seed crackers, raw green dip and truffles (my son calls these donkey balls).
Add to that my already high consumption of raw food - fresh fruit and nuts during the day, big salads and carrot/beetroot juice for dinner - and the result is an abundance of vitality and a bright glow – this is our natural state.

Although my normal diet is mostly raw foods, the difference is that I'm now consciously choosing them over those other habitual ‘comfort’ foods. The occasional breakfast croissant has been replaced with sprouted wheat bread (its surprisingly sweet), commercial crackers are replaced with flax seed crackers, my daily dose of dark chocolate is replaced with donkey balls, and fresh vegetable juice washes down my dinner salad of sprouts and greens.
The only thing I won't be replacing (yet) is my morning kick-ass coffee.

During my mid twenties I read 'Raw Energy' by Leslie and Suzanna Kenton and spent just under a year on a completely raw food diet – seed and nut chesses, wheatgrass juice, the whole lot, so this is not a new phenomenon. I well know the scientific reasoning for including an abundance of raw foods in my daily diet (the live enzymes in raw foods are destroyed by heating), but scientific evidence is no comparison to personal experience - ask anyone who has converted to a diet that is at least 80% raw and they will rave about their increased energy, clarity, lightness, skin glow, bright eyes, positive outlook etc...

And an additional benefit is that once you get a taste for raw foods and their vitalising effect on your physical and mental wellbeing, you won't want cooked or commercially produced food anymore - it seems dead. The 'life energy' (prana) in raw food is almost visible to those who can sense subtle energy. My body tingles with expectation now when I think of food that is still pulsating with life. My body wants to stay tuned to this higher frequency.

Dead food has become unattractive.

Image: Mature sunflower sprouts ready for harvesting and baby lentil sprouts on my kitchen window.

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