18 July 2011

Crying Meditation

"The spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi, the Divine Mother Ammadhi, has said that 'crying to God for five minutes is worth an hour of meditation.'

Now when I do not have time to meditate, when I feel too tightly wound to relax, I find that five minutes of crying has the same effects. It is a shortcut to the calm that comes after a good, long hour of quiet meditation.

Not long ago, on a still Saturday night, I cried for six hours in a lover's arms. I realise this behaviour could be seen as a certifiable acute depressive episode. And maybe it was.

I prefer to think of it as a three-day meditation retreat for those of us who don't have the three days - a meditation retreat for the girl on the go.

I highly recommend it."

Ariel Gore

The Mother Trip


ari said...

it certainly helps the body to gain some balance..all that adrenalin flooding in from wound up situations..those tears release that. cleansing mind/body and soul :-)

i still find it hard to believe how (as a majority rule) crying is seen as not acceptable..a sign of weakness?? or as you said 'a certifiable acute depressive episode'. bah !

nobodhi said...

Crying allows the heart to crack wide open, it disarms our armour and helps us touch the real human self.

I'm so glad you posted a comment ari...through this I've discovered your blog...beautiful thoughts, beautiful poetry, a beautiful gift.
I hope you don't mind that I put a link to it from my page so I can visit regularly. many thanks...