26 November 2011

Tears and Gratitude

I walked up in the hills today, and cried.

Some days it all comes flooding back,

and tears are what come out when your heart is cracked open.


in that tender, raw, open state

I am fully in love with life.

This human heart that can feel pain, love, grief, joy, sorrow, sadness, ecstasy, compassion...

can also feel the intimate presence of God.

So I walk, and I think about Mark,

and Wandering Aengus

and I cry,

and I bless this moment

and every moment I get to live,

and breathe,

and feel.

Words cannot describe the love I now have for this life I am in...


Image: The view from the ridgetop looking out over Gandy's Gully.

1 comment:

sarah said...

yes, that open internal space has everything in it. i rejoice that you can allow it to be so. presence, absence, place, physical emotions ... there's a lot going on for me too, unpeeling in layers.