23 February 2012

Be the vision

"Its not what the goal is, it's what the goal does for you."

My son Nik came out with this in one of our deeper conversations a couple of days ago.

He was chiding me for not proactively addressing my failing memory.
I forget things all the time. In a moment, I've completely forgotten what I did or said a moment ago.
It's frustrating.
My mind is a sieve, nothing sticks, information falls instantly through my brain holes and out again.
I have optimised the Buddhist art of letting go, and now there is nothing but a cool breeze blowing through my hollow head.

But his message and method was clear:

Visualise your goal, whatever it is (he was referring specifically to his vision of me being powerful, direct, opinionated, dynamic, fully present and NOT dreamy, forgetful and vague).

Visualise who you want to be, not the journey, but the ultimate end point.

Look to the stars. Aim high. Anything less isn't good enough.

See yourself there.

That could be you. That WILL be you. THAT IS YOU, NOW!

Embody that vision.

Then notice how that makes you feel...INSPIRED.

What does that inspiration do for you?

It fuels the fire that takes you there.

So forget about the ABC's of getting there. In your mind, BE THERE NOW and everything else will fall into alignment to take you there.

A free ride to the stars upon the winds of inspiration.

1 comment:

Kavita said...

Dear Nobodhi,
It's been a while since i stopped by. Jokes apart, i'm surprised the yogi has holes in her memory. Anulom-vilom & kapalbhati power the retrieval of data & clear the cobwebs if any. 15 minutes of each?
xoxo Kavita