10 April 2012

Practice Log

Home from work, feed cat and dog, change clothes, step onto mat. It's 6.30pm, feeling slightly hungry but not empty, have enough motivation and physical vitality to do some yoga before eating dinner. Heater on to warm the space.

Sun salutes: 5As and 5 Bs.
Strong standing poses up to Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana.
Then a big yawn...motivation waning.
Handstand to the wall for 10 breaths just in case it's my last pose. The desire to finish practice there is strong. Aware of the thought pattern, the desire for comfort, the easy way out, all the excuses rolled up to justify the cop out.
In an instant I reprogram - I swim valiantly upstream against the flow and choose to continue the yoga practice. Back on the mat to finish the standing poses: Utkatasana, Virabhadrasana A and B, all done with a quieter, more focused intention.
Seated pose: A long Janu Sirsasana A.
Twist: Marichyasana C.
Backbends: Setu Bandha, then same pose with a block supporting sacrum so I can stay longer and go inside my stiff neck to explore what's going on. One good Urdhva Dhanurasana. Ustrasana reaching hands up and back to the wall, Standing Backarch again reaching hands up and back to the wall.
Counterpose: Half Dog Pose with heels near the wall, then lift and stretch one leg back and up the wall (a sort of Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana or Standing Splits)
Inversions: a half Shoulderstand done at an angle, stiff neck preventing the lift up to vertical. Halfway feels therapeutic - hands under pelvis pull muscles down the spine, combining acupressure and traction. Viparita Karani up the wall with pelvis on a bolster - pure heaven, watched and felt lots of energetic sensations buzzing around my body.

Practice took 1 hour.

Dinner took 15 minutes: greek salad with some fetta and cooked green beans (it's cold outside), greek passionfruit yoghurt, and the last bit of the chocolate easter egg.

For three consecutive days I've done a moderately acceptable yoga practice. And I'm noticing the effects. It doesn't take much to feel the extraordinary benefits of yoga practice, the increase in energy and vitality, the strong legs, the glow, bright eyes, the positive and balanced outlook, the inspiration...I guess that's why I feel like a beginner again - I'm loving it.
When I was practicing Ashtanga daily, I'd be on a high, but also feel pretty wasted at the same time, didn't have a lot of energy to give out to others, focus was too narrow.

Moderation in all things now.

My yoga practice is no longer a vague path towards enlightenment (or anything else for that matter). It is a tool that polishes me daily so that I can shine my light in the world.

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