16 April 2012

Conversations with nobodhi

After a 4 day yoga blitz last week, a deluge of commitments to friends, family and work took up all my waking hours.
So no yoga practice for the past 4 days.
I'm not complaining - at the end of the day, or at the end of one's life, it is how we live in this world and how we love, that matters, not how often we did a yoga practice.

Now I do admit that there is a solution to the problem of other things getting in the way of my evening yoga practice - if I practiced in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, I'd have a daily yoga routine in quiet solitude, without interruptions.

Why don't I?

Small self: My body is too stiff in the mornings so practice is painful, better to practice in the evening when I'm supple and relaxed.

Big self: You know if you start slowly and gently in the morning your body will open up, and besides, its not about how flexible you are, but about the love, devotion and presence you bring to your practice.

Small self: But if I get up at 5am I'll be tired and unable to focus at work by the early afternoon.

Big self: You know the practice will give you more energy and clarity for the day, you won't get tired.

Small self: But I just can't get up that early any more!

Big self: You know that's just a story you're telling yourself. You can change the story right now if you really want to.

Small self: mmm....Maybe I don't want to...(strange, uneasy feeling)

Big Self: Why?

Small self: I dont' know (fear rising)

Big Self: Yes you do.

Small self: (insight) I guess I'm not taking full responsibility for my life, my actions, for realising my potential, I'm just taking the lazy way out, it's a passive, unconscious attitude of denial.

Big Self: Yep, you got it!

Small self: (pout)

Big self: So now that you've admitted it, change it! Change your small-self thinking, change that one habit pattern, this is a wonderful opportunity, the light is being shone in your face. You're like a deer caught in the headlights right now. Can you see it? Here is one thing that you can change, one area where you need to stand up and fight against your self defeating thought pattern. GET UP AT 5am TOMORROW and you're a winner! Turn this around and you'll unleash an immense surge of power to control your mind. WHO is in command here anyway?

Small self: (gulp)


Karuna from The Gathering said...

Such and inspiring and timely blog! I feel like this is the conversation I have in my own head! Bottom line-I need to stop being lazy and get up early for the good of ME! Thank you for this reminder!!!
Om Shanti!

Samantha said...

I agree with Karuna, I've been having the same battle myself but my laziness keeps winning. I think my kids are finally old enough to make a morning practice do-able, yet here I am still sleeping in. Ugh! Hope you can do it! love & light! Samantha