8 May 2012

Xavier Rudd

Been listening non stop to Xavier Rudd's 'Solace' album lately, and waiting patiently for his new album Spirit Bird to be released in a few weeks.
Here's a bit about him; musician, surfer, environmentalist, traveller, spiritual seeker, one man band...

Watching this video Follow the Sun from his new album makes me feel blessed to live in this beautiful country.
Thank you Xavier.

Xavier Rudd (born 1978) is a soulful Australian surf/roots artist from Torquay, Victoria, which is near the famous surfing location, Bells Beach.

Rudd’s music is compassionate and always manages to render emotion in his fans. His songs include stories of the mistreatment of the indigenous people of his homeland; they tell of humanity, spirituality or the environment. The songs are written and sung with compassion and they urge the celebration of life.

Rudd is skilled with a variety of instruments, include guitar, shaker, didgeridoo, Weissenborn slide guitar, Tongue drum, stomp boxe, djembe, harmonica, ankle bells, and slide banjo. It’s an experience to watch him perform his songs live, as he plays the guitar, digeridoo and various percussion instruments simultaneously, using a unique stage setup. But the real magic comes when he opens his mouth and his soulful voice spills upon his audience.

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Sarabat28 said...

Nice, thanks for posting. Such a heart warming song. Reminds a touch of Paul Simon. Pure goodness.