30 August 2012

A Caffeinated Practice

A late start at work meant I could get in a practice this morning.  Strong coffee helped a lot - I did notice the racey, runaway thoughts but it was a small price to pay for the raw energy that got me through an entire Ashtanga Primary practice today.

I didn’t skip any poses, but flowed strongly though the entire sequence with a gorgeous ocean sounding breath. For the poses that are dangerous to my unstable lumbar joints (Bhuja, Kurmasana and Supt K) I either entered ‘phase 1’ of the pose and stayed there working at my edge, or I did a modified version of the pose.

The sadness of the last couple of days was still inside of me but by the afternoon the grey veil had lifted a little.  I am stunned at how grief rises up so forcefully and unexpectedly and sabotages my best intentions.  It's been a year and a half now...

Tomorrow morning I head off into the bush for another 3 day solo camping retreat. 
Spring officially starts on 1st September and another chilly winter is behind us.

Full moon tomorrow night - it will be magical out on the sand dunes.

1 comment:

sarah said...

I felt your sorrow, how it wells up and overtakes you. We will share the "blue moon" - the 2nd full moon within 30 days (2 in a month), though it will shine on you tonight and on me tomorrow night.

Glad your practice brought out consistent moving energy. Not a salve on sadness, but an opening to allow for possibilities.

Moon and sand dunes with you as the boundary layer. Nice. Enjoy whatever arises.