28 August 2012


The night is lukewarm and I am walking the half-lit streets, bathing in the moon's beauty. 
Sadness begins to descend. 
I am in that tender space, close to the pain, feeling the loss, the aloneness, knowing that love won't come again in this lifetime.

Mark walks with me, he is in me, and I shimmer with the recognition of a dimension beyond what I can see or understand.

My mind is clouded and he can't quite reach me. I try to stay with him but the sadness weighs upon me. I feel it pulling down the corners of my eyes, the corners of my mouth, my shoulders.

The sparkle of youth has drained away leaving me in the shadows, with only his memory.

Buffy and I walk. She is getting older and slower, I guess I am too. She's a loving sweet little companion, 10 years old now. I dread the day when I lose her too.

We stop at a tree. Gazing up through the pattern of silhouetted branches and petal blossoms I am entranced by the silver moon again. I remember nights walking with Mark out in the hills near his cottage when the bushland was lit by only the full moon. My body fills with a shivery emotion, my eyes blur with tears.

Deep, calm breath...and just keep walking...

Your human heart contains the secret.

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Anonymous said...

So much grief. I hope the movement of time is slowly easing the rawness.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved. I hope you have times when you feel as though there is no separation.