16 November 2007


Saturday 17th November 2007

Life is becoming interesting. I’m being gently moved on. Daily life is taking on depth. The lens through which my soul views the outer world is on high resolution. All my senses are picking up and transmitting data from deeper levels of reality. There’s calm, equanimity and a powerful sense of connectedness.

Whatever constellation it was that kept me stuck for the last year has begun to reconfigure and it’s being reflected in my outer life: my yoga practice is suddenly stronger, work challenges are not getting me down, my relationship is hitting a wall as I refuse to accept the superficial relating, I’m socialising more (compared to my obsessive seclusion over the last year) and I’m committed to bringing real soul-relating heart into every encounter. Cut the crap.
It’s like I’ve moved a little closer to that state of Divine awareness, the state I’ve occasionally glimpsed where one is permanently united and connected with the Source…life becomes a creative act… the gap is closing…the duality ceases...vitality imbues the body as Truth pulses through the veins.
There’s this flickering flame of love that’s burning brightly inside of me, a glow in my eyes as I look out upon the world. It’s like God is looking out through my windows.


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