16 November 2007

Socialising from the heart

Monday 12th November 2007

Is every entry is going to start with “another day without a yoga practice”?
Blogging daily just rubs salt into the wound…what to write about?
Well, it’s spring – the air is alive with scented anticipation. It’s the season of new growth new life, budding and blossoming, and the sensual abundance has intoxicated me. I feel soft, loving, excited.

I’ve accepted three social invitations for this week. What is going on?

I’ve been saying ‘no’ to invitations for so long that people stopped asking me years ago. I really prefer to be alone, self contained and integrated, social frivolity wastes our vital energy. I’m a natural hermit and I don’t make excuses for it any more. It’s me, and it’s OK.

But lunch with a work colleague yesterday (at an organic café in the hills) was delightful. I was determined not to fall into superficial conversation about trivialities. If I’m going to socialise, I want to bring a gentle authenticity to all my encounters. Keep the conversation honest and from my real heart. It’s beautiful and empowering when you relate to people like this because you establish a direct line from soul to soul. That is the only way I can relate now, anything less poisons me through every layer.

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also, what you wrote on 11/3 keeps sinking in with me. thanks for putting that out here.