18 August 2010

Head Cold

Three days out bush in wintry conditions last weekend – howling gales that whipped the tent to a frenzy at night, drizzly to torrential rain, muddy tracks, slippery rocks – and I came home Monday night with a cold.
The three days were mostly sunny once the morning rain cleared so we had some great weather for climbing Mount Remarkable and trekking through Alligator Gorge, though parts of the track along the creekbeds were flowing too much to pass and we had to retrace our steps a few times.

But the head cold really set in last night. Getting up at 6am for a yoga practice this morning with a throbbing head and runny nose was well intentioned but not wise. The body needs rest while it heals – all energy is directed into fighting the intruders. I did consult Light On Yoga to see what asanas Mr Iyengar prescribed for a cold – Headstand, Shoulderstand, Uttanasana, Paschimottanasana, Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana (in my dreams), Yoga Nidrasana…
I did Headstand and Uttanasana – and that was practice this morning.

Yesterday morning was better –Surya Namaskars, standing poses, handstands, backbends and the finishing inversion sequence. Generally my yoga practice is picking up and I’m becoming quite enthused about it again. Mornings I prefer the flowing Ashtanga practice; in the evenings I’m dipping into the Light on Yoga course sequences again.

I’m hoping to post more often about it all.

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