30 August 2010

As the monthly cycle comes around again I listen for clues. Some months I feel almost nothing and can carry on with my usual activities unaware of the internal shedding; other months the sensations are strong, organs feel full and heavy, reproductive processes are abuzz with energetic impulses and sparkles.

This month it was imperceptible. I chose not to do yoga for the first three days. Yesterday I did consider a menstrual practice so I looked up the sequences just to refresh my memory of what poses I was given in Iyengar classes when stuck over there in the corner: Supta Virasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, a range of forward bends with head on bolster, lots of wide legged poses to open up the pelvis and encourage apana, elimination and release.
The Supta poses are said to alleveiate cramping and abdominal bloating and the forward bends alleviate backache and pain in the legs. I had none of these symptoms so it didn’t feel right to indulge in the warm bath that is passive menstrual yoga.
I felt too well, too energetic, too inspired.

So in place of yoga time on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I went bushwalking, yes, three consecutive days, up hills, down gulleys, along ridges and through creeks raging with water after the recent rains. That too is my yoga…Communion, not with the Creator, but with Creation.

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sarah said...

you read the signs as they are - the authentic self, not some version of dogma about women and their cycles.

i love you walking your female self in the real world.