26 September 2010

The Three Sisters

This blog page was way overdue for a renovation. The background I've used is an aboriginal dot painting called ‘The Three Sisters’ by Colleen Wallace Nungari. It depicts an aboriginal legend about the formation of the three large rocks in the Blue Mountains, close to the town of Katoomba:
According to the Aboriginal dreamtime story, the three huge rocks formation were once three beautiful sisters named "Meehni", "Wimlah" and "Gunnedoo" from the Katoomba tribe. The three sisters fell in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe but their tribal laws forbade their marriage. The three brothers did not accept this law and tried to capture the three sisters by force. This caused a major tribal battle and the lives of the three sisters were thus threatened. A tribal shaman decided to turn the sisters into rocks in order to protect them and thought to reverse the spell only after the battle. Unfortunately, he was killed in the battle and the three sisters remained as the enormous and beautiful rock formations until today. The magnificent formation stands at 922m, 918m, and 906m respectively.

As a background this painting seems to sparkle with all the brilliance of the starry night sky in Central Australia.

Not much yoga in the past few days…well none actually. I spent the weekend climbing mountains and wandering along coastal cliffs.


Kaivalya said...

The new blog design is really beautiful! I love it :-)

sarah said...

me too.

oddly enough there are 3 little rock outcroppings in the Potomac River just North of Washington, DC that my sister and I always called "the three sisters" when we were children ... hmm...

nobodhi said...

Hey thanks, that means a lot to me because I admire both of you immensely.
I redesigned the template in my half hour lunch break at work yesterday on a tidal wave of creative inspiration. All the creative decisions seemed to flow through me effortlessly…no thinking involved…it was a lovely process, and for me that process shines sweetly through the page now.