1 September 2010

Voices of the First Day

Here are a couple of excerpts from the book that has been inspiring me beyond imagination for the past 4 weeks: ‘Voices of the First Day’ by Robert Lawlor

'All of our technology is an externalization of powers innate in the human organism.
Aerospace travel, computerization, electronic communication, the probing capacities of microscopes and x-rays, the remote viewing abilities of telescopes, and even nuclear fission are accomplishments that tribal shamans and mystics have experienced inwardly by cultivating the innate potentials of consciousness. The inner life knows none of the constrictions of time and space. The journey to other worlds and the adventure of exploring the universe beyond the earthly domain belongs to spiritual awakening, not technological development. The ancient myths assure us that when we reawaken in the reality of the Dreamtime, we will discover the expanse of cosmic time and space to be inwardly navigable and experiential."

"Every land formation and creature, by its very shape and behaviour, implies a hidden meaning; the form of a thing is itself and imprint of the metaphysical consciousness that created it, as well as the universal energies that brought its material manifestation. The metaphysical and the physical are held in symbolic integration, one cannot consider the visible and invisible worlds separately."

"The Western world denies an internal or subjective consciousness to all things and creatures except humans. The rest of nature, we believe, has no dreaming and consequently we feel justified in cutting down trees, gouging the earth, and killing and enslaving animals as if they were all empty forms. In denying the universe an internal life we imprison our own awareness, so that we live in only the shallow surface of our world."

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