29 September 2010

Tuesday practice

The alarm was set for 5.45am - 15 minutes earlier than usual. So I surprised myself and the two warm animals snuggled into my body when I got out of bed. No extra snooze this morning.

Buffy wasn’t well and didn’t really want to go for a walk. We wandered across the street and she turned back for home. The usual 45 minute walk was reduced to 5 minutes which meant more time for yoga. I showered and was on the mat at 6.30am with a whole hour in front of me.

Standing on the leading edge of the practice, I breathe…I move through the Surya Namaskars and the first few standing poses, semi-mechanical. I am careful to be gentle, the ache in my hips and back lingers from last night’s practice. Prana enters my body but doesn’t infuse me with any energy or inspiration. I am dull, mind-heavy, depleted. The ache has robbed my body of all bandha and core connection today.
The best I can do is fill out half an hour with a few more incidental poses then get up, let it all go, and make my way into the day.

Still, it was 30 minutes of yoga so I guess it was a practice.

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sarah said...

acceptance, non judgment. letting go of the results-the goal.

gentle, ahimsa. gentle, metta. gentle there you. catch the light of day - catch the soft darkness of night.