26 December 2010

On Fire

People who seek to uncover the Truth through practices such as yoga, meditation, mysticism, must live, knowing that a flame has been lit within them.

We burn intensely in search of that Truth, our hearts are on fire. We know it is close, not out of our reach, we passionately pursue it for nothing else matters. Anyone who comes into our lives should be warned that if they get close to us, they too will catch on fire, they too will feel the unease of a mediocre life and begin to yearn for Ultimate Truth.
If you're on fire you'll attract people of substance, people drawn to authenticity, to the conviction that there is more to life than TV, work and entertaining distractions.
Those who have settled for an easy life of denial and comfort will not feel at ease in your presence, their conscience will prick them, they don't want to see that they're lost, that they've chosen the darkness instead of the light.
You'll burn away all the lies and cover ups that stand in the way of divine Truth, you'll search in earnest for your connection to it, to transcending the boundaries of physical reality and living within the unfolding realms of an extraordinary universe.

Mark, you were one of the seekers, and all your problems came from not understanding that you were on fire. Confused and unsettled, your life ended before I could help you uncover the beauty and truth of your soul searching.

Your spark recognised the divine power that plugs me into life's ultimate purpose and you loved me intensely, not quite knowing why. With time it would have become clearer for you. I became your lifeline, the one you thought could teach you, love you, care for you and ultimately save you from a life of suffering. If only we'd had a little more time to turn your destructive path around...and steer you towards the light. We'd be living out that extraordinary life together.

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