26 December 2010

Waiting For You

Going through the files in Mark's computer, I found an absolute gem.
He'd started experimenting with digital media on his computer recently , and had done a test video run of himself shaving on 29 October 2010.

Playing in the background is 'Waiting For You' by the Basement Birds.

"We think of yesterdays like they were holidays, bathed in the warmth of the sun
we don't feel because
after today you'll be farther away and I'll cry."

I know how happy and excited Mark was to be in love - he was getting ready to visit me at work that morning.

Now every morning I sit with my coffee and play this video over and over, remembering his face, his hands, his lips and his smile. How lucky I am to have found a video that brings him to life for me every day (Youtube has truncated the ending off)

This song and those words are etched into my heart forever.

Here is the original video clip by the Basement Birds.

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