9 September 2015

Practice cut short

6.30am and I’m on the mat.  Another breakthrough is just being here.
The sky is overcast, a little drizzle has fallen.
Birds are singing joyously and a solitary a kookaburra lets out a laugh upon my rooftop.

Feeling my way gently into the sun salutes... body is not too stiff… mind is bright and focussed.  I am moving joyously.

Soon my lungs begin to feel heavy and thick and I notice they won’t accommodate a full breath.  I have to stop short.
Perhaps the flu virus has taken up residence in my chest.  My son had the flu last week and I spent three days caring for him.
My immune system is strong but as I move through the sun salutes with a quiet attention, I feel the presence of the dormant virus now.

By the time I get to Prasaritta Padottanasana, my energy has dissipated. 
I sit down, resigned, and huddle close to the heater. 
The air has a chill.

An inner sense guides me into Shoulderstand, then Halasana, these poses stimulating points in my upper back, behind the heavy chest – I wonder if this acupressure helps deter the infection?

Although practice is short, I am happy to have risen early and done a few poses this morning.

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