13 December 2011

Art Therapy session 4 - the ritual

Rebekah started the session last Monday by saying that during the week she'd had strong messages that I wasn't connecting with the art processes.

Too right.

Some people do, some don't. Different processes work for different people.

The metaphorical forest dweller was not an issue I needed to explore - the ritual was.

We fleshed out some ideas. She picked up on a comment of mine about being wrapped in love. This came from the experience of Mark visiting me after his death, and merging into my body in a warm embrace.

A shawl - a literal wrapping of the body.

I could write out the Wandering Aengus poem on it with a fabric pen, and wrap myself in it when I visited the creek by Mark's house on 13th December.

After the idea had simmered gently for a couple of days, I decided that the whole poem was too much, it wasn't necessary, a couple of lines would suffice. Then, after some more simmering, a line from my favourite movie surfaced as perfect to embroider onto the shawl. Lovely how the creative process works through the psyche.

In the final scene of 'Ghost', as Patrick Swayze (recently departed) lets go of his attachment to earth and his loved ones, he is bathed in an angelic, shimmering shaft of light that will take him to the afterlife, and before leaving he says to his girlfirend (Demi Moore):

"It's amazing Molly, the love inside, you take it with you."

I start to worry about the piece of fabric, where will I find something suitable, should it be heavy or light, Pashmina sounds nice...what colour fabric will jump out at me, lemon yellow? pale orange? what if the colour I choose seems gross next year? Will I be able to embroider - I'll have to get a book from the library on the different stitches....not much time...I've got 4 days...

Why am I doing this?

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