15 December 2011

Sunset on a street corner


I stand on the street corner

My eyes and my soul in the magnetic grip of the brillint sky


by the immensity and the beauty

of firelight orange and dappled pink scallops, illuminated in relief over bright azure blue


Against the downstream current of evening traffic

I stand watching the setting sun transforming the skyscape into a shimmering palette of colours

In these moments when the soul is illuminated with the mystery, we shimmer and sparkle in transcendence.

I must have stood there on that busy corner, looking out to the western sky for over 20 minutes, alive inside a glistening new dimension, overcome with reverence and silence.

I knew what was happening.

I've felt this before.

It's a highly charged mystical force that drenches and fills my cells.

Energy is instantly refined.

We are permanently reshaped and altered in these moments.

I stand on the street corner, my eyes filled with the glowing sunset

Until the skylights softly and slowly begin to fade.


Re-entering my body, feeling my feet, and moving towards home,

my heart bleeds for all those lost souls in the windows, addicted to television.

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