18 December 2011

Tat tvam asi

Tat tvam asi
तत् त्वम् असि

Tat tvam asi is usually translated as 'THOU ART THAT'.
Another way of saying this is "We are that which we seek."

To elaborate even further: our essential nature, our soul, our essence is the SAME as what we'd consider to be God, or the Divine, or the Source, or the Ground of Being, or the reality behind the entire cosmos.

This Truth can't be realised by simply reading about it or hearing about it.
We can perhaps understand it intellectually, the same way that we can understand the waves on the ocean ARE the ocean, but we can't fully realise it, assimilate it and be irrevocably changed by it.

The realisation can only come from EXPERIENCING it.

And that experience, which comes about by divine intervention, changes one's entire view of life forever because somehow the experience itself effects a permanent shift in the neural configuration of our brain.
In one massive metaphysical operation, the mechanical hard drive of our mind is completely replaced and reprogrammed with supersonic mind blowing software.

"I sought him but found him not."

The stubborn blindness (avidya) of my limited small ego-centred self is still causing me to look outwards.
But now and then, I catch a glimpse of the Truth, when I dissolve into a sunset, or into the mist covered landscape.

And for a moment I wake up and remember...

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Beautiful! Thanks!